Online Learning

A Sustainable Travel Masterclass

Online Learning

A Sustainable Travel Masterclass

Whether you’re looking to futureproof your travel business in a fast-changing world OR you’re an eco-conscious traveller who wants to be in the know, discover our sustainable travel course.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • How do I respond if a client or prospect asks me about sustainable travel?
  • I love to travel but worry about the negative impacts. How can I justify it?
  • Sustainable travel is a massive topic. How can I make this fun and enjoyable?
  • I feel confused by greenwashing & 100s of certifications. Am I alone?
  • I want to be a part of driving positive change. But where do I begin?

If the answer is yes, then keep scrolling or access your Free Preview now.

Trustpilot 5 Star
  • Rebecca is a very knowledgeable trainer. This masterclass is really interesting and engaging. I am learning a great deal which will prove invaluable to my business!

    Rachel Tredwell, Travel Consultant
  • Rebecca has introduced me to lots of new information which I can share with my clients. She has given me the tools and inspiration so that I can take the steps necessary to move my business forward

    Nickson Travel, Travel agent
  • I started not knowing what to expect but Rebecca took us on a well-planned journey, enhancing my knowledge and understanding of sustainable travel. Rebecca is without a doubt a passionate and knowledgeable sustainable travel champion!

    Yvonne Barke, Travel Business Owner
  • Rebecca’s online masterclass is well planned, presented, and structured, which makes learning what could be a difficult subject easy and enjoyable

    Lisette & Liam, Travel Experts
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this online masterclass and more importantly, it has enabled me to develop my life and my business in a more positive way.

    Marietta Maidman, Travel Consultant

Meet your masterclass host

Rebecca has helped over 200 travel businesses begin their sustainability journey and empowered hundreds of thousands of holiday-goers to engage in nature restoration, raising over £50,000 in funds to date. When Rebecca isn’t working alongside the world’s best sustainable & regenerative hotels, she hosts a series called ‘‘How to Save the Planet with Books‘ and embarks on challenging adventures to raise money and awareness for environmental charities.

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    Sustainable Travel Masterclass Quote
    I am learning a great deal which will prove invaluable to my small travel business. I would highly recommend this online masterclass!
    Rachel Tredwell, Tredwell Travel
    STOP feeling overwhelmed about sustainability. START engaging in the solutions that already exist.
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