Episode 10 | An Essential Guide To Sustainable Travel

How To Save The Planet With Books

Episode 10 | An Essential Guide To Sustainable Travel

How To Save The Planet With Books

Your next holiday is the perfect time to lose yourself in a good book. And let’s face it, a great page-turner is the ultimate joy. ‘How To Save The Planet With Books’ is the ultimate reading list for all you sustainable travelers out there. I hope it brings you what it’s brought me. Truth, Hope, and Resolution. Enjoy!

This week I finished reading: Sustainable Travel – An essential guide to positive impact adventures, by Holly Tuppen.

Rather than destroying landscapes for short-term gain, the right kind of travel can protect and restore ecosystems around the world.

This book is packed with positive-impact adventures, interesting facts, and is guaranteed to inspire your next trip. You will never look at travel in the same way again.

How can we see the world and visit all these beautiful destinations without ruining it at the same time? Sustainability travel expert Holly Tuppen helps to answer difficult questions and doesn’t shy away from highlighting the problems we see in the carbon offsetting boom and greenwashing era.

A comprehensive and beautifully put-together guidebook, this is perfect for anyone looking to travel more responsibly, with a positive impact on the communities and environments visited. 

“We are slowly realising that travel can be sustainable, but only if we acknowledge that there isn’t time or space for unlimited growth. For several years, I’ve struggled with this tension. On the one hand, travel brings inspiration, creates connections, and can renew people and places. On the other, it undermines local lives, causes environmental damage, and has become an unrelenting commodity.” 

Holly Tuppen

If you feel inspired to find out more or order this wonderful book, fantastic 🙂 Here is an easy, quick LINK. If you decide to purchase the book from this link, a small % helps to keep this self-funded series going.

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