Rethinking Wildlife Tourism

LIVE event: 15th November @ 2pm

Rethinking Wildlife Tourism

LIVE event: 15th November @ 2pm

Travel industry professionals are invited to join an exclusive webinar dedicated to ‘Rethinking Wildlife Tourism’ on the 15th of November at 2 p.m. Teaming up with World Animal Protection, the experts and changemakers in this space, we’re supporting their efforts to put MORE pressure on the travel companies still failing wildlife.

Written by Rebecca Woolford

This online event was born out of frustration.

I could not sit idly knowing that wild animals are commodified and exploited around the world in the name of so-called ‘entertainment’, with large travel companies like TUI and Jet 2 Holidays profiting from cruelty disguised as conservation and education.

This FREE event is designed to bring together leading experts to guide more professionals in the travel industry in the right direction and arm people with the facts.

If you’re a travel agent, business owner, journalist, supplier or DMC, and you’d like to attend you’ll need to pre-register HERE.

This online webinar aims to: 

  • … answer the most common questions asked by travel agents
  • … reassure and support anyone confused or conflicted 
  • … inspire travel business owners with ‘transformation’ stories 
  • … arm travel professionals with facts and how-to’s
  • … equip attendees with the know-how and confidence

At the end of the event, everyone will be empowered to make a stand and use their voice for change. Something not yet seen in the travel and trade sector…

Leading the discussions are: 

Katheryn Wise, Wildlife Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection and specialist in animal welfare in tourism.

Rebecca Woolford, Co-Founder of Kiwano who’s helped 200+ travel businesses begin their sustainability journey to date. 

Joining them to share inspiring transformation stories are sustainable travel enthusiasts.

  • Marie Rowe of Travel Counsellors
  • Annika Nickson of Nickson Travel, Not Just Travel
  • Julie Breckon of Worldwide Explorer Travel, Hays Travel
  • Rachel Tredwell of Tredwell Travel, Not Just Travel

And a very special guest speaker is soon to be announced, watch this space.

Rachel, Annika, Julie, and Marie, all travel business owners will be sharing their top tips

“Today, marine parks and tourism attractions holding wildlife captive are still largely unquestioned. Moreover, clever marketing and misleading messaging are confusing travel agents and professionals – they don’t know whom or what to believe. This collaboration brings together leading experts to guide the travel industry in the right direction and arm people with facts so they can make their own mind up.”

Rebecca Woolford, Co-Founder of Kiwano

You can register for this unmissable, insightful, FREE event here.

Captivity Vs. Freedom

The good news is your journey need not end. Discover more stories below OR build your understanding of what sustainable and regenerative travel looks like here.

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