Coaching & Community with Rebecca Woolford
Coaching & Community with Rebecca Woolford

This is more than a membership – it’s your roadmap to where you want your travel business to be.


Cultivate unshakeable confidence and step into your authentic self
Harness the power of learning, unlock a level of potential you didn’t know you had
Connect with people and places that better align your product with your values
Define better your ideal audience and clients, get specific on your ‘who’
Take bold, decisive action that propels your travel business or role forward
Learn how to reimagine tourism from being extractive to being regenerative 

Trustpilot 5 Star
  • It’s really pushed me back on track with where I want to take my travel business. I feel more empowered to share my learnings and thoughts on responsible travel and guide my clients to make better choices.

    Emma Summers, Tribe Family Adventures
  • I love the Kiwano webinars! It’s so nice to be able to hear from people behind the scenes and talk first-hand about the amazing work they’re doing in sustainability.

    Ellie Adamo, Purpose Travel
  • It’s given me so much more than I expected. The content is incredibly interesting, thought-provoking and well-put together. I now feel I am armed with the tools I need to take my business forward.

    Caroline Joyner, Travel counsellors
  • Rebecca is a very knowledgeable trainer and is keen to impart her knowledge with others. I am learning a great deal which is proving invaluable to my travel business! I would highly recommend

    Rachel Tredwell, Tredwell Travel
  • I have so much new knowledge and increased confidence to have great conversations with my clients and wider industry contacts. I feel inspired and energised to influence others by showcasing my own positive impact.

    Marie Rowe, Travel Counsellors

Meet your host

Rebecca has helped over 200 travel businesses begin their sustainability journey and empowered hundreds of thousands of holiday-goers to engage in nature restoration, raising over £50,000 in funds to date. When Rebecca isn’t working alongside the world’s best sustainable & regenerative hotels, she hosts the podcast The Tourism Reset and embarks on challenging adventures to raise money and awareness for environmental charities.

Through the community, content and coaching, you’ll go from…
  • Self-doubt to self-confidence
  • Filled to fulfilled in your work
  • Disheartned to motivated

Inspired by the world’s greatest teacher and 3.8 billion years of wisdom, nature. It’s a unique blend of knowledge and action; tailored to bring real, lasting change. It’s a community of like-minded people connected through big picture thinking AND through an industry that we’re all deeply passionate about.


Unlock modules from ‘level 2’ Masterclass trusted by 100+ professionals
Connect LIVE with the world’s leading sustainable & regenerative stays
Bi-weekly coaching calls, sessions which are catalysts for change
LIVE call replays, access to our growing fault of past calls on-demand
Unlimited coaching, get personalised 1:1 written responses
Resources, a carefully curated directory of go-to hotels, lodges etc.

    Sustainable Travel Masterclass Quote
    What it’s done is open a Pandora's box in the sense of what more there is to learn, it makes you thirsty for knowledge! Being part of this community is about having a group of people you can turn to, it’s great mixing with like-minded people
    Rachel Tredwell, Tredwell Travel
    The Investment
    • £47 per month (monthly)
    • £470 for 12 month-access (2 months free)
    • £400 for 12 months for a group of 5+

    The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world – we’ve actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from a millennia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, ourselves and each other.

    Joanna Macy – Eco-philosopher and Activist

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