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Every travel expert below has: Graduated from this sustainable travel course, published an animal welfare policy approved by World Animal Protection, and continues to show up and take meaningful steps towards travel as a force for good.

When having less of an impact is no longer enough and knowing that our travel experiences can help solve environmental and societal problems, why settle for less?
  • Marie, Sustainable Travel Expert

    Reading, UK
    Based in Reading, I believe the best, first step we can all take as conscious travellers is by standing up for wildlife. Over 500,000 animals are being mistreated for the sake of tourism. Travel as a force for good begins here.
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  • Rachel, Sustainable Travel Expert

    Oxfordshire, UK
    Based in Oxfordshire, I'm passionate about preventing or reducing tourism leakage in destinations. I love to help guide my clients to curb the leakage that hurts the very destinations people visit and instead make travel a force for good.
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  • Annika, Sustainable Travel Expert

    Newbury, UK
    Based in Newbury, sustainable travel is as much about wildlife, as it is about preserving cultures. A world without travel is small-minded. Local traditions, and heritage is what excites me.
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  • Julie, Sustainable Travel Expert

    North Yorkshire, UK
    Based in North Yorkshire, I love to help people 'rethink' how they see travel. It starts by putting communities at the heart of tourism. Rather than overcrowding, and loss of wildlife we can instead make travel a force for good.
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