Finding a genuine eco-friendly place to stay is about to get much easier with Kiwano!

Finding a genuine eco-friendly place to stay is about to get much easier with Kiwano!

Kiwano Hotels is an online platform for anyone looking for a quick way to find truly sustainable and eco-friendly hotels and lodges around the world, making it easy for consumers to make the right choice.

The Kiwano team is working tirelessly to become the go-to place for any eco-conscious traveller; looking for places to stay on their holiday, gap-year, sabbatical or business trip!

The hotels and lodges that feature showcase 8 core criteria including: Architecture, Waste, Water, Energy, Food, Conservation, Guest engagement & Housekeeping. Each property profile on the website provides consumers with a clear, transparent and easy way to do their own checks and make a decision based on honest information.

The founders, Rebecca and Lionel recognised the need for a simple tool after they were browsing for an eco-adventure of their own. The frustration they experienced trying to find information they could trust (not to mention the usual poor online user experience) is what motivated them to take action. 

As founders and owners of the digital marketing agency Rebixit many years ago, their digital team continues to work in the hospitality sector. This synergy between the two companies means that Kiwano can apply the marketing skills and expertise to help green hotels and lodges that deserve to be noticed to stand out, championing the lesser known places who are genuine in their approach to sustainability but cannot always afford a PR agency. Kiwano is the bridge, the match-maker between the eco-conscious consumer and the eco-conscious hotelier or lodge owner.

The company’s mission statement is ‘To inspire more people and businesses to make better, greener choices when it comes to travelling and to encourage more hoteliers to join the sustainable movement’.

The all-encompassing ethos is what makes Kiwano different from all the other hotel aggregators. This ethos spreads across all aspects of Kiwano: from the environmental conscious paint used in the office, to the water-based ink used in the launch party t-shirts, to a commitment to invest profits into conservation projects and plant trees in relation to traffic numbers.  

Kiwano also provides valuable free content via their blog in the form of tips, good news stories and other information for both the green traveller and the hotels.

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About Kiwano Hotels

Kiwano Hotels is a UK based platform featuring sustainable and eco-friendly hotels and lodges. Founded in 2018 by Rebecca and Lionel, who are also the proud owners of Rebixit Consulting, a digital marketing agency based in Bournemouth.

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