How Do National Parks Benefit the Environment?

How Do National Parks Benefit the Environment?

We have previously placed visiting a National Park as one of the 5 Eco-friendly Activities You Can Do on Holiday. Not only are these protected parks beautiful and exciting, but they also play an important role in creating a healthier environment. The environmental benefits of National Parks make them a great place to visit on holiday!

What Are National Parks?

National Parks are areas of land, usually of extreme natural beauty or rich biodiversity, that are protected by the state for conservation and tourism purposes. They usually have on-site staff dedicated to preserving them and educating visitors. They’re located all over the globe so it’s likely that you will be able to pay one a visit wherever you book your next eco-holiday.

How Humans Impact the Environment

Generally, human interference in nature has negative consequences for the environment. For instance, the burning of fossil fuels to create energy, dumping of waste in the ocean and deforestation are all seriously harmful to the environment and to wildlife. Marine populations shrinking, a growing hole in the ozone layer and air pollution are a few of the problems we face, but National Parks fight against this.

How Do National Parks Help the Environment?

National Parks are areas that are free from human interference, apart from when said interference is done for the benefit of that area. This means that large areas of land all over the world are not causing any damage to the environment, which can have a significant effect on overall statistics of environmental damage. Essentially, National Parks freely allow the evolution of natural processes, they are places that can flourish without interruptions from human activity.

1. Conservation

As National Parks are considered to be places of scientific and scenic interest, where interesting and often unique flora and fauna thrive, staff are dedicated to preserving populations and actually helping them to grow. For instance, the Cuban Solenodon was thought to be extinct but has now been found in Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, Cuba.

2. They Are Sources of Energy

Many National Parks have great natural features that can assist in the production of clean, renewable energy, combatting and reducing carbon emissions. This is especially true for water features that are well-protected and preserved by National Parks staff. For example, the Eternal Forest of Children Reserve in Costa Rica provides water for a hydroelectric power company.

3. Scientific Research

Research is at the heart of many national parks and seeks to provide information that can help the environment beyond the parks themselves. Scientists can research subjects such as the ecological effects of storms. It is especially useful to be able to do this in National Parks as they are often rich in biodiversity, meaning that more wide-reaching results can be obtained.

Clouds amongst the mountains national park

4. Maintaining Healthy Eco-systems

Because they are undisturbed, National Parks are great spaces in terms of maintaining ecosystems that are vital to a healthy environment. For example, plants help to maintain the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide atmosphere on the planet, to offset carbon emissions. Furthermore, factors such as plants’ roots holding the soil together and preventing erosion also have a big impact on the environment.

Why Visit A Natural Park?

On your next holiday, why not plan a visit to a National Park? Apart from the fact that they are great for the environment and you would be supporting a great cause, they are also some of the most beautiful places on the planet with views that will take your breath away. Many national parks are home to incredibly rare flora and fauna or natural wonders that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to see anywhere else.

Beyond the beautiful sights though, National Parks can be fantastic fun and depending on where you visit, an abundance of activities are available to take part in. Rafting, horseback riding, snorkelling, spelunking and orienteering are just a few of the things you can get involved in, and all with minimal impact on the environment.

Prepare Before You Go

There are just a few things you should probably do before you embark upon your National Park trip so that you can enjoy yourself and the parks can remain in their pristine condition. For instance, be prepared for the weather, because often these parks are home to extreme weathers and to be able to fully enjoy your time its best to be comfortable. Most National Parks have websites stating their rules, such as bringing pets to their sites. To avoid any confusion and to plan your activities, why not have a browse beforehand?

A Walk in The Park

What could be better than being surrounded by fresh, clean air, with the beautiful views of mother nature in front of you? If more and more people choose eco-friendly holiday activities like visiting National Parks, we will be heading towards creating travel that is much more sustainable and also more fulfilling.

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