Designer Travel takes a significant step forward in their sustainability journey

Empowering 50 travel consultants and head office staff

Designer Travel takes a significant step forward in their sustainability journey

Empowering 50 travel consultants and head office staff

Knowledge is empowering. Education is the premise of positive change. That’s why Designer travel, a luxury travel agency with over 120 travel experts located across the UK, have enrolled their team into our industry trusted sustainable travel masterclass.

Home working travel agency Designer Travel, among the big winners at the ‘2024 Top 50 Travel Agencies by TTG Media’, are empowering no less than 50 travel consultants and head office staff with our Trustpilot-rated transformative learning experience.

Embarking on a 6-week online journey, the topics covered provide a solid foundational and holistic viewpoint designed to empower each and everyone to connect the dots between their personal passions, skills and talents with the work that needs to be done in the industry.

TTG Media, one of the first B2B Media companies to achieve B-Corp status, celebrated this exciting new chapter for Designer Travel here.

Celebrated and honoured at Designer Travel’s conference in April 2024

Spanning online learning, knowledge tests and practical tasks, topics range from greenwashing, climate injustice, community-led tourism, tourism leakage, and gender equality to name a few. It encourages us to “rethink” the traditional tourism model, ask better questions and is designed to inspire each and every travel professional – regardless of their role or experience – to see the tourism industry as a change agent to revitalise human and natural ecosystems.

“We want to work with suppliers that put sustainability right at the heart of their agenda, allowing us to develop partnerships that make tourism a force for good. Rebecca’s support has allowed the team to get the most out of the training and experience. Everyone who participated has been impressed with the content.”

Karen Pocock, Managing Director of Designer Travel

“The sustainable travel masterclass was a real eye-opener for me. I can now speak with more confidence to our suppliers and partners. Rebecca is very passionate and this comes across with every new lesson. Thank you for your support Rebecca, this will be key to our sustainable strategy going forward!”

Darren, Head of Sales at Designer

“It has really opened my eyes to areas that I thought I had an understanding of but had only scratched the surface with. The Kiwano Tourism masterclass will hugely benefit our company as it will allow us to confidently implement positive changes.”

Di Victory, Business Development Manager at Designer Travel

“It’s the best training that I have ever done! Rebecca’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious and the modules are a joy. I am now a lot more confident to engage more confidently with our clients and suppliers about Sustainability, Gender Equality, Tourism Leakage, and more.”

Colin Brown, Designer Travel Agent

“I’ve just completed the Kiwano Sustainable Travel Masterclass which was simply brilliant. It was pitched at a perfect level in terms of content and was so informative. It’s made me rethink how I engage with my clients, and it has given me confidence to talk about this topic. Next time someone says that because I sell air travel, I can’t talk about sustainability, I will have an answer. Thank you Rebecca!”

Antonia Cochrane, Designer Travel Agent

Find out what other travel professionals said about their experience on Trustpilot here.

6 Modules across 6 weeks. Below are just some of the lessons in modules 1, 3 and 4.

What now? To find out more about the masterclass click here OR begin your journey by tuning into our Rethinking Wildlife Tourism series here OR why not click here to hear from Not Just Travel and Travel Counsellor agents as they share their ever-evolving sustainability journey (skip to 16 mins in).

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