Cristalino Lodge helping those most in need post COVID-19

Cristalino Lodge helping those most in need post COVID-19

Find out how buying a voucher to stay at this eco-lodge, in the Amazon forest, will help feed a family in need.

Covid-19 first hit Brazil’s white upper classes, who brought it back from abroad. Now the virus is moving through the country’s poorer suburbs, favelas, and low-income families. 

Since 1999, the Cristalino Lodge in Brazil, a popular ecotourism destination set within miles of protected rainforest, has been supporting the Cristalino Foundation. 

The Cristalino Foundation launched ‘I am Cristalino’ a few months ago. Distributing baskets of basic food items, personal hygiene products, and protective masks, as well as toys for the children of families in Alta Floresta. To help the families most in need following the uncertainty in terms of both health and the economy post-COVID-19.

Furthermore, 500 individual protection masks are being made and donated. The masks are made by seamstresses of Alta Floresta, with the aim of increasing their work and helping bring them an income.

Alta Floresta is one of the municipalities in the Amazon region that has the greatest biodiversity, and attracts many people for ecotourism. Tourism is responsible for an important part of the local economy, generating direct and indirect jobs. It serves as an important tourist hub, the Alta Floresta airport has the third largest passenger turnover in the state of Mato Grosso. 

As all tourist activities were suspended in March 2020 following the international lockdown, the local economy has been deeply affected, especially vulnerable households.

Previous guests and friends to Cristalino Lodge have been showing their support in different ways, including buying vouchers and donating. The campaign is still going on with a goal to help 100 families. 

So far they’ve received R$ 103k (about US$ 19.8k) of donations, working towards R$ 184k (about US$ 35.3k) to meet their goal. 

  • 48% of people have purchased a voucher to stay at the lodge (which can be used until the end of 2021 and beyond). For every voucher purchased, they will be donating a basket of basic items to feed one family for a full month.
    • If you’d like to contribute, simply fill out this form here.
  • 52% of people donated directly to the Cristalino Foundation

Alex, the owner of Cristalino Lodge (which was started by his mother in 1990), is a man with a passion for nature, photography, art said…

“I am truly touched by the generous contributions of our previous guests at the lodge, as well as partners and friends. There are people out there with nothing. Thanks to their help we will be able to benefit 100 families for at least three months.

I remember seeing this single mother who had nothing to feed her kids, stories like this make me want to do all I can to help those in need”.

The Cristalino Ecological Foundation initiatives are geared towards environmental education, human development, creating economic alternatives for the local population, minimising environmental impacts, conducting research and sustainability in the region.

Watch the video below to hear more about this incredible place…

The Fine Art Campaign only recently launched, as an innovative and creative addition to Cristalino Lodge’s efforts to help the poorest families and communities of Alta Floresta. 

It’s a collection of images captured by photographers visiting The Amazon Forest at Cristalino Lodge, capturing the magic of this place. 

People can now purchase these fine art photos whilst giving back, as 100% of proceeds from the sales go to the Cristalino Foundation to support these vulnerable families.

Click here to see some of the photography.

As I sit here typing this article in my flat in the UK, I feel so happy and grateful to be connected to places like Cristalino Lodge, and to know of people like Alex and his team. People who continue to inspire me with their generosity and pure heart, especially in these difficult times. 

One of the biggest lessons WWF said they’ve learnt over the last 50 years is that conservation efforts work best when local communities are involved. This is why the lodges we support here at Kiwano are not only about better waste management, conservation efforts, sustainable architecture, or low impact guided tours. They’re also about the communities surrounding these incredible lodges. 

In the light of this unprecedented global pandemic, which has impacted tourist destinations around the world, I hope Cristalino’s campaigns can inspire others to blend support for tourism with social responsibility and kindness. 

To visit Cristalino’s Kiwano profile click here.

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