Best Adventures by Train

Best Adventures by Train

Travelling by train is becoming a more and more popular way to see the world. It can provide a sense of adventure as you get to be immersed in a place. It’s an alternative to the relaxing holidays where you choose one great location and explore it thoroughly. Travelling by train allows you to see a lot more of a place. That’s not to say that air travel should be cut out completely, check out our blog on Ways To Offset Your Holiday’s Carbon Emissions to travel more green!

Why Travel by Train?

Train travel is not only a great way to see a place, but it is also better for the environment than travelling by air. It is one of the most efficient forms of transport in terms of carbon emissions.

Less Co2 Emissions

Trains create a more efficient way of moving a large group of people at one time. This results in fewer cars on the road and therefore fewer emissions and lower pollution levels.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Road noise levels caused by an excessive number of cars can affect quality of life. This is especially harmful to wildlife that can be driven away from their habitats because of noise disturbance. Trains are a much quieter mode of transport and result in fewer cars and therefore less noise pollution.

Energy saving

Trains create a much more efficient mode of transport than cars or planes as they save more energy. They travel at higher speeds than cars so, therefore, use less fuel per mile. The introduction of electric trains will further this energy-saving initiative, especially if they are able to run on renewable energy.

Less congestion

Surprisingly, congestion causes much higher emissions than fast-moving traffic due to the constant stopping and starting. Not only do trains directly reduce emissions by removing cars from the road, but by doing this they also reduce congestion and therefore reduce emissions even further.

Best adventures by train

Many places in the world are quickly developing their railway systems to be faster and more wide-reaching so that travelling becomes more convenient. Visiting different cities allows you to experience all of the best things that countries have to offer. For eco-friendly activities, check out our blog post 5 Eco-friendly Activities to Do on Holiday This Spring.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great country to explore by train because of its excellent railway network. Because it is quite a small country you can travel from city to city in very short times, such as Amsterdam to Ulrecht in 30 minutes. It is also a very culturally diverse country, meaning that there is something to suit everyone’s pleasures from museums of art and history to a lively music scene.


Compared to its neighbours, Belgium is a small country, but one that is vibrant and full of life. It boasts an efficient rail network, with regular links to major cities like Brussels and Antwerp that only take half an hour. Weekend travel is often cheaper than weekday travel, which means with proper planning, journeys can be very affordable. With plenty of history and art to explore, you’re sure to be entertained in Belgium.  


Germany has developed a high-speed network of Intercity trains, making it an ideal country to explore by rail, despite its size. Berlin to Hamburg can take as little as 2 hours. Its cities are rich in history with thriving cultural scenes. There’s plenty of fascinating architecture to see, as well as dense forests and mountainous regions to mix nature and culture in your visit.


The biggest country in the world, there is a great deal to explore in Russia and doing so by train might just be the best way to do it. Although train travel may take longer than internal flights, it is often safer and a lot cheaper. The introduction of Sapsan high-speed daytime trains means you can get from Moscow to St. Petersburg in as little as 3 and a half hours.


Trains are the recommended mode of transport in India with over 7000 stations in the country according to Lonely Planet. Goa to Karnataka will only take 3 and a half hours. They provide a better and smoother journey than buses or driving, especially when travelling long distances overnight. It is worth exploring more than one place in India because it is such a diverse country, from its breathtaking coasts to its buzzing city life.


Japan operates an exceptional rail network with shinkansen bullet trains connecting nearly all major cities. Trains make journeys extremely fast so that visitors to Japan can experience the diversity of the country. Tokyo to Osaka, Japan’s two biggest cities, is only a two-and-a-half-hour journey. With its beautiful mountains, rivers and modern cities, Japan is an ideal location for an eco-friendly holiday.


One of the best ways to experience the huge country that is Australia is by train, to see all that is has to offer. Internal flights heavily contribute to carbon emissions and so train travel is a greener alternative. As well as this, travelling by train allows you to see the vast expanses of beautiful beaches that you wouldn’t experience on a plane. Travelling from Sydney to Brisbane treats its passengers to views of the ocean.


For many years travelling by train in Argentina was a struggle because of the closing down of so many long distance rail journeys, but they are now progressively being reopened making it a viable travel option once more.  Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, offers train journeys to surrounding provinces that allows visitors to take in the picturesque mountain scenery in comfort. 

Take A Train on Your Next Adventure

Travelling by train might not be an easy option, but it is a relaxing, comfortable one. As well as this, it allows you to be absorbed in the scenery of the country you’re visiting. You can see mountains, oceans, waterfalls and much more that you might not see otherwise. Most importantly though, travelling by train is the greener option and you can go off on your adventure knowing that you are influencing change.

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