About Us

About Us

Like most great things, it started with a problem. We simply sought a solution.

It was 2017 we were planning our next trip away.

Unable to find a trusted source that would enable us to book a travel experience that mirrored our values, and ethics, we felt stuck, lost, confused, torn, and frustrated… (I’m out of adjectives).

At this point, we figured there must be others who felt the same way. Why was finding travel experiences that put people and the planet before profit so damn hard?

So, we started to imagine a place where information was easy to access and even easier to digest.

We knew of various travel brands that had invested in ‘talking’ about doing good – but we wanted to shout from the rooftops about the hidden gems that did more of the ‘walking’ and less of the ‘talking’. Places that took meaningful action and more ambitious steps in the face of climate change.

With remorseless pressure on the environment, extreme inequality, and the increasing frequency of natural disasters, we wanted to find places around the world that evoked hope.

What started out as our own trip – turned into something much BIGGER and more exciting.

What Makes Kiwano Unique?

We tell it like it is. No single trip (not even an eco one) is perfect.
  • Planning a sustainable, regenerative trip might seem daunting at first, but it’s worth remembering that taking a few considered actions is better than taking none at all. Whether it be ditching the overcrowded destinations to seek out lesser-known destinations OR switching up your chemical, toxic sunscreen for a mineral-based one. Perhaps a trip where your money is more likely to reach the local people OR opting for a zero-waste hotel? Whichever you do it’s not about doing it all, but choosing an area you’re most passionate about and growing it from there. We hope our handy guide here supports you on this journey.
We do the work so you don’t have to. Empowering you to be smart about travel.
  • We aren’t another booking platform hosting 100,000s of properties with the impossible task of properly verifying each one when it comes to their ethics, values, and practices. We’re proud to take our time to research and really get to know each travel experience we share here. Looking across 9 criteria inspired by the planetary boundaries, we hope to empower you to make smarter choices on where you travel to. These 9 criteria you’ll discover on each profile feed into a leaf rating system. So, if you’re passionate about zero waste, read up on it. If protecting wildlife is what motivates you most, awesome, check out biodiversity. In short, we empower you to decide which places and hosts deserve your money most based on the actions they are already taking.
Travel experiences you can trust. The clue is in the name 😉
  • Kiwano is a fruit. A horned melon to be more specific, with a luminous green centre. It’s not that great looking, but on the inside it’s beautiful. With greenwashing now rife, with misleading information, and countless sustainability certifications it’s not easy to see the true custodians of people and place. That’s why we look from the inside out and get to know each place before ever recommending them to you. Once we’ve really understood a place, its mission, and values we ensure that it also provides incredible service and a great experience, based on customer reviews.

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